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Hey guys, it's me, Project Shadow, Leader of Dark Syndicate. My Co-Leaders and I would like to let you guys know, that recruitment for our legion is in fact open, but only for those who are willing to be the best and learning is the key. We're currently recruiting all roles!
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Game News
The votes are in and deliberation complete: This site will remain for the next 30 days to facilitate members that are behind on site subscriptions, however, ALL Legion sign ups and information updates will be published on the new site.

Sorry for the repetition, but we needed to get a feel for how each portal worked for Legion updates and have found the format for the alternative was more cohesive to how you all as members felt about getting into the important events in game. That said, sign up for the site. The launch code is written in the poll forum that started this whole shibang and will also be part of the MOTD in game as part of the migration. This launch code should be used so that you don't need to wait for acceptance through the recruiting process.

Thank you for your patience,
Project Shadow, Rori Draconis and Osirian

Welcome to Dark Syndicate: Our Legion is one that strives for excellence and falls nothing short of spectacular. We have comprised an array of members, from beginning game levels to endgame experts that have decided to build multiple characters for the betterment of the Legion. Since inception Dark Syndicate has grown 4X it's original member count and all involved have proven their worth as talented and dedicated contributors to making us what we are today(A top five league on the "Blood Will Run" server). Our goal is first and foremost to be among the best, if not "the best." So far, that goal has been attained, maintained and even defended. We push forward with all game content, to include: Raiding, Hard Alert farming, Duo completions, and Feat point hunting(nothing says "I have skill" more than a member that can fill four skill trees and have spare points to build into a weapon choice). All is well and getting better. The Officers of Dark Syndicate appreciate and enjoy your contributions to our gaming experience, and we look forward to adding our abilities to your growth as a Legion member. Beyond that, enjoy the site and see you in game soon.
-Rori Draconis, Project Shadow and Osirian-

Getting Members Here: Easy as pie. Give them the URL to your site and let them know to apply. By default, the application process is single-click and painless, however, by Legion requirements acceptance is by in game skill trials and continued improvement with skills and equipment. Our members know and play their roles efficiently and with precise effectiveness. So too shall any that wish to prevail as a member of this Legion. When seeking acceptance and finding new applicants keep this one thing in mind, "There can be no greatness without the passion to be great." Good luck and happy gaming.

-Rori Draconis-
Guild News

Be as active as possible these next 2 weeks!

Rori Draconis, Mar 12, 11 5:17 PM.
As some of us already know, the new content is just around the corner for release. With that comes the new Bat Cave Raid. We aim to be, and will be, one the first leagues to be victorious in this added content. As members of this Legion have already proven countlessly, we have what it takes to trample any challenge that we face. This new Raid is slated to be all Tier 2 gear required. What that means to us...nada! WE ARE READY NOW! However, the challenge to be in the front of the other leagues in this task will be much more attainable if our members press hard and heavy in these coming days to gather as much gear as we can. All Officers will be available to assist when not otherwise engaged, and your leaders would like to see that all of us are willing to ensure the success of all members as well. Keep doing what you do Dark Syndicate. We are well on our way to being Legends!
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